Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1st Day of School-2016

We are on EVEN grades this year (:

Makayla started 2nd Grade...

Addie started 4th Grade...

Dallin started 6th Grade...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Makayla's Long Awaited Day

The wait is over...Makayla started Kindergarten! YAY! She was so excited she didn't stop bouncing all morning.  She bounced out of bed, bounced down the hall, bounced while she got ready, bounced while she ate, bounced while she waited to go to the bus--it was so fun to watch her excitement. 

My favorite moment was watching her bounce on the bus and then wave at me as high as she could reach until she was out of sight. She was so excited she didn't even care who was watching, she just wanted to make sure I saw her (:

Makayla- Kindergarten

Follow up story: Makayla was so worried about being ready for Kindergarten that she was trying to read 2nd grade chapter books and giving herself double digit math problems. I kept telling her she was going to be just fine and not to worry. But watching Dallin and Addie at their level just made her think she wasn't far enough along for school. Her first day of school was a disappointment... "all we did was color pictures." 2nd day "We did math (: well, that is what my teacher called it. All we did was play with blocks, she didn't even want us to count them!" Day 3 "I don't want to go to school, it is so boring!"

I am really hoping the teacher picks up the pace soon--I really don't want her to loose her excitement!

1st day of School 2014-2015

Dallin and Addie's 1st day at school. Addie started 2nd grade and moved on to the elementary school with Dallin this year. She was so excited to walk home from the bus stop without
mom there to get her (as required in K-1st) she got to walk home by herself--with Dallin (:

Addie- 2nd Grade

Dallin- 4th Grade

Makayla...still waiting

And this picture tells the whole story of the morning... Makayla starts the Early Childhood Center (K-1st) which starts a week after Elementary School. She has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to start school so to watch the kids go without her again was a difficult morning for her!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We are here!

We have arrived in Ohio, our new home state! We are still trying to settle in and get ourselves situated but we are LOVING our experience here so far. We feel strongly that this is exactly where we are supposed to be and truly the Lord is opening doors and opportunities before us. It is amazing how following the spirit and going where the Lord directs brings you HOME!

Our summer has been busy with visits and moves. THANK YOU SO MUCH to those family members that took our homeless family in for so long. We LOVE you and appreciate you more than you know. You hold a special place in our hearts! Thank you for being there in our greatest needs!

We also spent a week in Lake Tahoe for Tom's final presentation of his dissertation information. It was fun!fun!fun! Those pictures are definitely worth posting!

To all our friends and family--keep in touch. We love you and miss you all! Although we are much, much, further away, you are still in our hearts and memories.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Valentine's Day

I was asked to help with Dallin's class Valentines Day party. Since there are about 20 boys and 5 girls in his class, I thought a little more activity and a little less sugar would be good. So, not wanting to just stuff the kids with candy, I decided on a couple games and a small treat bag to take home...

The first game was a physical activity. I made a poster with 6 exercises on it.

I then made a heart shaped bean bag that would be used to throw onto the poster (which I layed flat on the ground) to see which exercise the student would do. I also included the dice so that they could roll to find out how many of that particular exercise they would be doing.

The kids LOVED it! It was really fun to watch too.

Next, I did a concentration game. We had 4 plates of candied hearts set up at a time with about 3 kids per plate. We gave them each a set of chop sticks and an empty cup. We timed them for 1 minute to see how many hearts they could collect in their cup. Then we found a winner at each plate. We had all the winners compete, until we had a final winner.

The other mom planned 2 games as well... couples (batman and robin, Nemo and Dori, Beauty and Beast, etc.) were individually written on pieces of paper. Each student had a name put on their back. They had to ask questions of each other until they found out who they were -- they then had to find their match.

She also did "I love everyone who..." The kids sat in a circle with 1 chair short. The student in the middle, said, "I love everyone who... is wearing red" and everyone wearing red had to get up and find another seat. The person left standing then repeats the phrase with a different ending.

The kids had a BLAST!!! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!  

We of course sent them home with a little goodie bag...

and I am glad it was little because I think every student brought bags of candy to share as their valentines cards.

Snowman Fun!

Fun in the SNOW!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Congratulations Thomas!

Congratulations to Tom for completing his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering!
He has the degree in hand, so it is official now (:
It's been a long road with lots of hard work... we are so proud of him!!!

Dallin turned 8!!!

Dallin's Baptism--in pictures:

Family Pictures

We got a couple good family pictures in December (:

December 2012

Our Christmas Season started off with a school Christmas Program that included Dallin's class

 Dallin and friends

 We spent Christmas in Arizona with the Schuett's. We made it in time for Grandpa Schuett's birthday.

Then we spent New Years with the Hutchens in Utah

Monday, March 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at Laura's the weekend before Thanksgiving... which was nice since we had sick kids on the actual day of Thanksgiving.


OK... in order to put multiple pictures on my blog, I like to use slideshow makers so that my blog isn't one continuous list of pictures for the same event. I have really enjoyed smilebox in the past--very easy to use and FREE for certain backgrounds and designs. BUT, since we updated our Mac's OS I can't re-install their stuff onto my computer. In an effort to still use slideshows I ventured to try a couple others. For my own future reference, this is what I tried and what I liked or didn't like:

Photosnack- is my choice of preference right now for one main reason--It is NOT automatically running the show all the time. But, not very many options and seems to crash if I add more than I picture at a time. I don't like that my pictures become public access through their site not just mine!

Kizoa- has a lot more options, flexibility to do what I want, and seems to be more stable--but I can't get it to stop running the slideshow ALL THE TIME. I prefer to have it just sitting there and if someone wants to scroll through they can at their own discretion.

SO- now that I have found a new slideshow maker, I can catch family and friends up on our fun and special life experiences (:

Stay Posted!

Halloween 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Makayla has made a couple funny comments that just make me laugh when I think of them, so I have to write them down...
1. Can I have something so special to put in my purple folder?
    Like what?
    A Band-Aid.
2. Poor Grandma! She has to be so sad.
    Because she is SO old!
3. Addie needed a mustard-plaster...
    Is that going to get her cough out?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

General Conference Oct 2012

Conference has become a HOLIDAY tradition in our house. My kids look forward to conference like they do Christmas. It is such a great weekend to be together!!! I love it!

The kids woke up to a giant game board, my snack and game basket, and their conference baskets; which included their conference packets, A folder to hold all their papers, LOTS of stickers from Grandma Hutchens, a game board with a picture of the Prophet and each Apostle (for our big game board), a new box of crayons, and their own water bottle with their name on it.

Laura and her boys joined us for our General Conference Party.

I decided this year to change our tradition a little. I wanted to encourage more listening. In the past the kids have had a toy or fun activities to wake up to. They would be excited about it and it would encourage quiet play, but it wasn't encouraging listening to what the Prophet and Apostles were saying. I still wanted to do our fun traditions of treats, packets, and fun, but I wanted it to focus more on listening... so I made a giant game board.

Our big game board had topics on it and each kid had their own set of pictures of the Prophet and Apostles. When one of them spoke, the kids listened to what they were talking about so they could tape that speakers picture under the appropriate topic.

In my basket, I had The Friend Magazines, Bingo Boards (with gospel pictures), Starburst candies for Bingo, Puzzels of the 13 Articles of Faith, more stickers (from G. Hutchens), snacks, and my pictures of the Prophet and Apostles.

Our conference Bingo game was a big hit. The kids listened to every word trying to fill in their bingo boards so they could eat their starbursts. A PERFECT game to look forward to the second session of the day (:

Our conference weekend was wonderful. The kids worked on their packets, placed pictures on our game board, ate treats, played Bingo (during the second sessions), colored, had fun lunches, put puzzles together, etc. We had a blast!

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